Stories that inspire us

Reinhard’s success story


His primary school life was a series of daily struggles. He had to attend school without food in his stomach and was constantly sent home for school fees. Other basic necessities were a luxury to him.



Though he had to battle with all these, his greatest challenge was poor eyesight. He could see very little despite seeking medical attention from various optical clinics.


He maintained good grades despite battling with the odds. To him chances of being able to see well were very minimal. His agony was made worse because his parents were not financially well up to assist. He strained in his ten years of primary school life. Most students made fun of him because he looked funny as he squinted to see. Some teachers also harassed him because he was a bit slow due to the visual problem.


When he almost completed high school, he lost his dad. His future looked murkier as challenges increased. Nonetheless this did not deter him from excelling in his exams.


When the Miller Foundation (Kenya) got to learn of this, prompt measures were taken. The Foundation paid for his cornea transplant and took part to educate him through out high school. His life has changed drastically ever since and he can now smile and have a better future.