We uphold the principle that “everyone’s equal and has a right to life”. This principle has been the impetus behind the assistance that the Foundation gives to some of the disadvantaged members of our communities. Basic necessities required for life and education are provided by the Foundation. This support to education is seen as the main commodity needed by today’s generation. Education open doors and shed rays of opportunities, propelling the person forward.


Since its launch in 2006, the Miller Foundation (Kenya) has enabled a number of disadvantaged students to return to or stay in school. Our Education Fund ensures that social and economic circumstances of a student do not limit his/her ability to acquire education. In addition to school fees, the Education Fund offers stipends and other school related materials required in school. The beneficiaries are therefore able to learn without any interference.


The Foundation also endeavors to strengthen the capacity of institutions to provide quality education through provision of learning and infrastructural resources.