The Miller Foundation (Kenya) (MFK) is a non–partisan, independent, non-profit making organization registered in the Republic of Kenya under the Company’s Act. It was established in 2006 primarily to support the disadvantaged community members with special reference to women and children living in difficult circumstances. These included women in correctional facilities, Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC).

Cecil Guyana Miller, the Founder and Chairman of MFK Board, was inspired by the great work of his late aunt Alice Miller Thomas who passionately dedicated her life to serving the less fortunate members of the society. Her work with mothers and children changed the lives in many households. She specifically worked tirelessly in correctional facilities and her efforts led to major reforms in prisons on the welfare of women inmates in Kenya.

The MFK upholds the principle of, “everyone is equal and has a right to life” and is committed to catalyzing the process of change among the aforesaid groups to improve the quality of their lives. MFK believes in the direct relationship between human survival and the environment, and is dedicated to support initiatives and innovations that promote efforts to conserve and sustain the environment.

Since its inception, MFK has supported components of the social dimension, in particular education, health, social welfare and institutional spiritual development. MFK has facilitated disadvantaged children to access educational services from basic to tertiary; supported individuals to access critical medical services from minor to major surgical procedures; and visited children’s homes, schools and correctional facilities and provided basic necessities such as food, clothes, learning and instructional resources, sanitary towels, toiletry, hence “putting a smile on their faces”. MFK has also assisted in fundraising to build churches, provided humanitarian relief assistance in times of large scale emergencies and natural disasters and also facilitated efforts to promote proper hygiene and sanitation. All these interventions have contributed towards making the world a “better place for all”.

The Foundation has been working hand in hand with various institutions to improve the lives of abandoned, neglected, abused, needy, orphaned, and street children.

MFK has also been at the forefront of conflict resolution initiatives and it endeavors to assist those who are affected by tribal, clan and regional conflicts in Kenya through the provision of emergency assistance including but not limited to food and nutritional needs, shelter and clothing among others.

The Foundation aims at developing strategic alliances and partnerships with like-minded organizations while fostering community relationships and environmental conservation activities to not only identify needs but also to pool adequate resources for the implementation of various programmes.