He upholds the principle that “everyone is equal and has a right to life”. This principle has been the impetus behind the assistance that the Foundation gives to some of the disadvantaged members of our communities.

Basic necessities required for life and education are provided by the Foundation.
His belief is that there is always a solution to every problem hence the Foundation has been assisting persons in need in the areas of; education, health, social assistance, livelihood support and environmental conservation

His view of the way forward is making of a difference by incremental steps which begin with one step at a time. Any form of assistance including fundraising to build a church, emergency assistance in times of humanitarian crisis to ensuring proper hygiene and sanitation is seen by Cecil Guyana Miller as progress towards changing the world for better.

These small steps taken by him will assist Kenya to make the world a cleaner, healthier and safer place for us all.

The current MFK Board members are as follows:

o Cecil Guyana Miller (Chairperson)
o Amina Miller (Vice Chairperson)
o Beverly A. Miller (Board Member/Advisor)
o Ephraim Mathenge (Board Member)
o Norman Miller(Board Member)