MFK core values reflect our desire and devotion to foster positive internal and external relationships in our operations and interventions. These values are:


We are committed to a strong result oriented leadership focusing on the Foundation’s programmes which are devoted to the provision of exemplary service at all times.


We uphold honesty as a guiding principle and we endeavour to operate in such a manner that our conduct, behaviour and reputation in programmes delivery is beyond reproach.


We have a strong team with a spirit to serve selflessly, guided by the complementary of the assistance we provide.


We are excellent stewards of the resources entrusted to us and prudently manage them in an open, transparent and accountable manner.


We forge strategic partnerships and collaborate with individuals, communities, corporate bodies, government institutions, international agencies and non-governmental organizations with shared goals in diversifying our resource base and enhancing sustainability of our interventions.


We target disadvantaged persons who often require empathy and confidentiality. We apply due diligence in our operations and ensure that human rights and dignity are upheld as well as observe the doctrine of non-discrimination in programme delivery.